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About Pages.SG

Assisting you to create web apps in minutes for free without any coding

Mobile apps are essential to every businesses in their success but the cost and effort to develop apps is high.

With Pages.SG, you are spending $0 while your competitor is struggling to get their return on investment on their heavily invested apps.

With Pages.SG, businesses and organizations can:

Change contents fast and easily

Enjoy faster turn around time changing app content yourself

Improve customer engagement

Manage content across different customer engagement channels

Increase your advantage

Go beyond just providing information, you provide value

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Daily click through/web app

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The 6 pillars of benefits Pages.SG deliver


Display content changes in real-time demonstrating your responsiveness to real world customers’ needs


Design and amend your existing campaign any time easily without going through technical support


Make informed strategic decisions from the data collected and analytics for each campaign you created


Reach out your created campaign to customers easily through QR codes that can be read by many phone models


Change your campaign content any where using any devices. Pages.SG is designed for changes on the go


Consolidate and allow your customers to access your digital presence & digitized content on a single platform

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How it Works

Bringing simplicity and convenience to users

Identify and prepare your content

Many businesses have their digital presence in a form of a webpage, social media or blog. Each of these platforms may include digitized content such as files, brochures, videos or pictures. Scattered information in each of these channels posses a challenge when it comes to consolidating and presenting information to customers.

With Pages.SG, you can easily create and add links to your existing digital presence into a consolidated summary page. Each link is defined as a term known as notification in Pages.SG. In summary, creating a list with 3 clickable notifications items allows your customers to navigate to 3 different locations. E.g. Your business's Facebook page, website, product catalog or videos.

Update the information in the Content Management System (CMS)

Login to Pages.SG CMS to prepare the list of notifications you would like your customers to see. Download the QR code that will allow your customers to scan and visit the content you have prepared for them.

Despite the pervasiveness of mobile apps, Pages.SG believes in app-less digital solutions where it utilises QR codes as a mean to help businesses reach out to customers.

We are confident after all with customers more convinced to scan a QR code using the camera or built-in app in their mobile phone than to download a new app.

Deploy the QR Code

Generate, print out and deploy your QR code easily at any location of your interest. This will allow your targetted audience to scan the QR code and be notified of your presence or promotions.

Unlike conventional QR codes where you may have to reprint all if there are any mistakes in the embedded information. Pages.SG is designed with the flexibility of allowing the amendment of information any time without the need to reprint the QR code.

Use cases

  • All
  • Retail
  • Event
  • Others

Kava Cafe

Promotions and redemptions by Pages.SG

Drummers Boutique

Printing solutions and catalog by Pages.SG

XY Live!

Event details and freebies redemption by Pages.SG


Catalog in a QR code by Pages.SG

Basketball Tournament

Tournament schedule and livescores by Pages.SG

Kampong Gelam GSS

GSS event deals and redemptions by Pages.SG

XY Hotel

eConcierge Services by Pages.SG

Company Corporate HR

Staff Engagement Services by Pages.SG

Latest Trends

Mobile App Trends


Mobile app installs are up 31% in the last year and global number of smartphone users will rise to 3.5 billion over the course of 2020.

Going Digital

Rethinking about brick and mortar

Due to Covid-19, many physical retail shops had to cease operations with the decline in footfall and the regulations in place. Are you ready to compete in the online space?

Enterprise Plan

Our customers enjoy the advanced features listed below at a one-time promotional price of SGD5000. This price comes with lifetime support and features upgrade. If you like to see a product demo, please contact us here and we would be glad to arrange a demonstration to you.

Dedicated Sub-Domain Name

  • E.g.
  • Better brand awareness
  • Seggregated from other users
  • Possible customisation with costs

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Progressive Web App Features

  • Install like an app
  • Work in Android and iOS
  • Send push notifications
  • Improve customer engagement

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Extended Loyalty Programme

  • Provide loyalty rewards
  • Encourage return visits
  • Easy customisable rewards
  • Dedicated reward programme

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Reseller Program

Your business, our products. Join us as a Reseller to resell our products under your brand. We'll take care of the tech so that you can focus on expanding your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

  • You can start by signing up. It is free. But if you are satisfied and ould like to enjoy more features, we welcome you to subscribe to our Enterprise plan, starting at $200 a month.

  • Once you have signed up, you can login to the Content Management System (CMS). In the CMS, we have provided our subscribers a simple step-by-step user guide to assist you in using the platform features.

  • Yes, definitely. We understand businesses have different needs. We are always committed to provide the basic features free to you. But if you are satisfied and would like to enjoy more features, we welcome you to subscribe to our Enterprise plan, starting at $200 a month.

  • We understand your business is growing and you require a different package for your needs. Please contact us for any upgrades at .

  • We understand you may have other preferred choice of payment. We have different modes of payment. Please contact us at for more details.

  • In the Content Management System (CMS), we have provided our subscribers a simple step-by-step user guide to assist you in using the platform features. You can contact us any time for feedback or assistance on the platform features.